Top shipping executive to lead development of Danish Maritime Forum

On Tuesday, the former Maersk and NOL chief Flemming R. Jacobs, was formally appointed head of Danish Maritime Days. This was confirmed at the first board meeting of the organization behind Danish Maritime Days in Copenhagen.

Flemming R. Jacobs will support the organizing team to develop the Danish Maritime Forum, a high-level summit for the maritime industry scheduled to take place for the first time on 8-9 October 2014. The Danish Maritime Forum is part of a larger platform, Danish Maritime Days, which will bring together a broad set of stakeholders from the global maritime industry in Copenhagen during the second week of October next year.

The Danish Maritime Forum will bring together key leaders in the global maritime industry, policymakers, experts and other influential decision-makers and opinion shapers. Together, they will work to achieve a common goal: to unleash the full potential of the global maritime industry through a healthy and competitive business environment that will benefit all stakeholders.

Drawing inspiration from other outcome-oriented, high-level meetings, the Danish Maritime Forum will be a creative workspace, where participants will be invited to work together to make the most of their joint experience and visions with a clear goal in mind: to generate new ideas and solutions to the most important challenges and opportunities facing the maritime industry today and going forward.

“The Danish Maritime Forum is a unique opportunity for high-level leaders with an interest in strengthening the role and positive impact of the maritime industry on growth, development and human well-being all over the world. The objective is not just to network, but to work together to identify new opportunities, discuss framework conditions and create new partnerships to enhance future profitability in the industry and to unleash the full potential and positive impact of the maritime sector,” says Mr. Jacobs.

The Danish Maritime Forum is intended to be a uniquely different event, focused on bringing together the best minds in a collaborative and innovative setting with a focus on taking on big challenges and generating concrete outcomes. I am proud to take on this ambitious challenge and I look forward to joining the discussions that will take place in Copenhagen next October,” continues Mr. Jacobs.

Danish Maritime Days is organized as a not-for-profit association of the same name. The association is a public-private partnership between the Danish Shipowners’ Association, Danish Maritime and the Danish Maritime Authority.

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