Danish Maritime Days is supported by:

The A.P. Møller Relief Foundation
The A.P. Møller Relief Fundation was established in 1983. Its purpose is – in addition to providing support to a specific group of persons associated with the A.P. Moller Group – to support charitable or non-profit purposes, which the foundation board considers appropriate and qualified for support.

The Danish Maritime Fund
The Danish Maritime Fund provides financial support to initiatives and undertakings, which may serve to develop and promote Danish shipping- and shipbuilding industries. The Fund was established in 2005. Its trust funds comprise 10% of the shares in Danmarks Skibskredit A/S (Danish Ship Finance Ltd.), and the dividend comprises the main income of the Fund.

The Danish Ministry of Business and Growth
The main mission of the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth is to create future-oriented conditions for growth for citizens and companies in an increasingly globalized world. Its vision is to achieve the best conditions for growth in Europe in order to make Denmark an attractive place to live, work and run a company.

The Hempel Foundation
The Hempel Foundation is a commercial foundation, and the owner of the Hempel Group. Its primary purpose is to provide and maintain a solid economic base for the Hempel Group. Hempel is not listed on the stock exchange, and accordingly has no easy way to raise new capital. The Hempel Foundation therefore has to accumulate a certain level of capital as required to provide maximum assurance that at all times we will be able to place the Hempel Group’s operation and expansion on a sound commercial and economic footing. The Foundation’s secondary purpose is a social and charitable one: to provide assistance for cultural, social, humanitarian, scientific and artistic purposes, with a special focus on education for children in need and research in environmentally sustainable technologies in the coating industry.

The Lauritzen Foundation
The Lauritzen Foundation aims at supporting projects with a social purpose and Danish business activities.  It promotes and develops Danish shipping and Danish enterprise. It supports projects in shipping, agriculture, the arts, trade and industry. It funds Nordic and to some extent international humanitarian work. In particular, the Foundation is intended to support education and training of the young in Denmark and abroad and to work for “the best possible arrangement of workplaces to promote job satisfaction”.

D/S Orients Fond // D/S NORDEN
D/S Orients Fond // D/S NORDEN is a non-profit foundation originally founded by the limited company Dampskibsselskabet Orient, which by fusion with Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S is part of the current Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S. D/S Orients Fond // D/S NORDEN provides support for purposes within the following categories: persons employed by D/S Norden Group and their relatives on the recommendation of D/S Norden; maritime-related purposes, including education, communication, research and initiatives promoting D S Norden’s operations; non-profit and charitable purposes.

The Torm Foundation
The TORM Foundation is a non-profit foundation with the purpose to support employees in Torm, shipping institutions and general purposes. Support for general purposes is primarily donated to projects relating to shipping, the ocean and the environment. The TORM Foundation was established in 1948 by A/S Dampskibsselskabet TORM and has since then supported TORM employees, seafarers and maritime institutions.