Prestigious opening of Danish Maritime Fair 2016

Danish Minister of Business and Growth, Mr. Troels Lund Poulsen will, together with the Director General and CEO of the Danish Shipowners’ Association, Anne H. Steffensen, Executive Manager of Danish Maritime, Cecilie Lykkegaard and CEO of Danish Ports, Bjørn B. Christiansen, officially open the Danish Maritime Fair 2016.

It will be both a prestigious and festive event when the official opening of the Danish Maritime Fair takes place on Tuesday 25th October at 11:30 to 12:00, followed by an open reception at the Shipowners’ Lounge, a new initiative by the Danish Shipowners’ Association.

The minister of the maritime industry, Minister for Business and Growth Mr. Troels Lund Poulsen will, along with Anne H. Steffensen, Cecilie Lykkegaard and Bjørn B. Christiansen welcome exhibitors and the visitors at the Fair, which this year has gathered more than 200 exhibitors in The Train Workshop in Copenhagen’s South Harbour.

Again this year, the Royal Danish Navy Band will provide a festive prelude to the official opening. The band will march through the exhibition hall and entertain until the official opening speeches begin.

To give both exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to attend the official opening at 11:30, the doors to the exhibition open at 9 am.

Danish Maritime Fair takes place this year for the third time.

Source: Danish Maritime Fair