2014 Report

Ideas to take forward from the Danish Maritime Forum 2014

200 key leaders, policymakers, experts and other influential decision-makers and opinion shapers met for two days in Copenhagen to unleash the full potential of the global maritime industry. Working in groups of 8-10 persons the participants discussed how to meet the demand for transporting 20 billion tons of cargo annually – a doubling from current volumes – by 2030 – addressing the below six challenges.

The full report from the Danish Maritime Forum 2014 can be downloaded here.

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Workforce of the Future
Ensuring a steady supply of competent and well trained seafarers is vital for the industry. How should industry and policy makers respond to the increasing international lack of educated seafarers and how can seafarers be equipped to enter the workforce of the future?future_workforce

Unlocking Growth in Africa 
African economies are expected to see significant growth and transformation in the coming decades – transport volumes are estimated to increase up to eightfold by 2040. What challenges and opportunities does this present for emerging African economies? How can the maritime industry support growth that broadens prosperity and is sustainable in the long term?africaMeeting the Transportation Infrastructure Needs of the Future
Global investment needs in port and connected infrastructure will grow strongly in the coming years to enable sustained economic growth. How can all stakeholders work together to address this challenge?InfrastructureSustainable Growth
Increasing environmental concerns as well as rising fuel prices has put pressure on an already strained industry. How can sustainable growth be an economically viable response to environmental degradation, climate change, biodiversity loss and threats to human health?sustainable_growthLeveraging new technologies and innovation
Innovation and new technologies are key elements in improving efficiency and increasing human prosperity. However, all too often implementation of new technologies is slow and limited. How do we take advantage of technological developments to unleash the full potential of maritime innovation?InnovationFinancing Growth in the Maritime Industry
The financial crisis has led to a substantial restructuring of the ship finance system. Can the market provide enough capital to finance future investments? What are the long term consequences of the current developments in ship finance?Financing_growth