Think Tanks

Think Tanks

Working session
Think Tanks
In parallel Think Tanks, participants explore new research, technologies, ideas and concepts and consider how they will impact the global maritime industry.

Disruptive Technologies
From advanced robotics to artificial intelligence, new technological advances are set to disrupt entire industries. What will be the most important technology tipping points for global value chains? How can the maritime industry leverage new technologies to enable transformative change?

Brian Forde, Senior Lecturer for Bitcoin and Blockchain, MIT Sloan School of Management, USA
Charlotta Sund, Senior Vice President and Head of Customer Group Industry & Society, Ericsson, Sweden
Erick Thürmer, Chief Executive Officer, Thürmer Tools, Denmark

Facilitated by
Paul Østergaard, Founder and Director, ShipServ, United Kingdom

Global Trade at Risk
Regionalism on the rise, a new wave of protectionist sentiments in key markets and a dearth of truly effective global institutions spell trouble for globalization. What will be the impact on global trade? Can globalization be salvaged or will we see further economic retrenchment?

Simon J. Evenett, Professor of International Trade and Economic Development, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Khalid Hashim, Managing Director, Precious Shipping, Thailand

Facilitated by
Sofie Rud, Chief Executive Officer, Rud Media, USA

What’s Next for the Global Economy
From China’s financial stability to the fragility of key emerging markets; from the impact of negative interest rates to the productivity paradox; what drivers and obstacles, risks and opportunities could affect the outlook for global growth?

Zhang Jun, Cheung Kong Professor of Economics and Director, China Center for Economic Studies, Fudan University, People’s Republic of China
Martin Sandbu, Columnist, The Financial Times, United Kingdom

Facilitated by
Michael Parker, Managing Director, Global Head of Shipping, Citi, United Kingdom

New Paradigms
New demands – from changing consumer preferences and tightening regulation to environmental and societal imperatives – are reshaping the entire industries. What risks and market opportunities does this present for the maritime industry?

Amy Jadesimi, Managing Director, LADOL; Commissioner, Business & Sustainable Development Commission, Nigeria
James Mitchell, Senior Associate, Carbon War Room, United Kingdom

Facilitated by
Peder Michael Pruzan-Jørgensen, Vice President, BSR, Denmark