Danish Maritime Forum opens its online doors

Danish Maritime Forum is a high-level summit only accessible by invitation – until now.

In a few days the top of the global maritime industry will meet in Copenhagen for Danish Maritime Forum to discuss the future challenges and opportunities of the global maritime industry. Representatives from more than 35 countries have accepted their invitation.

Politicians from the world’s biggest seafaring nations will meet with high-level industry professionals and key experts and opinion-shapers, and thus the Danish Maritime Forum hosts the capacity for real change in the future global maritime industry.

Up until now the Forum has only been within reach of a very exclusive group of people.

Opening up with live stream
However, Danish Maritime Days has opened up for a live streaming service via its web site, effectively opening up parts of the Forum for everyone with an interest in the global maritime industry.

“We will open up for live streams from the plenary sessions and from of A. P. Møller-Mærsk Group CEO Nils Smedegaard Andersen’s Key Note on the first day of the summit. We are excited to be able to offer this service to everyone who’s interested, as we expect the Forum to really change the future of the global maritime industry,” says Head of Secretariat of Danish Maritime Days Johannah Christensen.

The plenary sessions will sum up all the relevant decisions reached by the participants at the Forum and they will include remarks by relevant ministers from the some of the most important sea faring nations in the world as well as panel discussions between highly respected experts in the maritime field.

The opening plenary will be live streamed on Wednesday October 8 from 9.30-11.00AM and the Key Note will be accessible from 5.00-5.30PM. On Thursday October 9 the closing plenary will be live streamed from 2.00-3.30PM.

An open global platform
Danish Maritime Forum is part of the open platform Danish Maritime Days and takes place on October 8-9 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Danish Maritime Forum is a unique, creative workspace looking to create an informal and innovative setting, in which participants can work together to generate new ideas and solutions to the most important challenges and opportunities facing the industry of today and in the future.

To get access to the live streaming service, please go to