Danish Maritime Days brings together the World

Global solutions and collective global efforts are the driving forces behind Danish Maritime Days. Representatives from more than 30 countries are heading to Denmark in October to join the unique global platform.

Denmark is the stage; the World represents the players and the audience. Like the sea, the global maritime industry does not know the concept of country borders. The challenges of the industry are inherently global and the only way to meet them is to come together on a global platform like Danish Maritime Days and join forces to finding solutions in unison. That is what attracts participants to Denmark and what makes Danish Maritime Days unique. The global maritime cluster seems to agree on that.

Representatives from more than 30 countries have already booked their flights – these include the biggest economies on the continents of the World; top politicians from the World’s leading seafaring nations; as well as stakeholders from the most important players in the global maritime cluster.

“Danish Maritime Days is really coming together nicely. We have succeeded in getting very influential players in the industry to join in and we’ve experienced great support from all corners of the industry and all corners of the World,” says Secretary General of Danish Maritime Days Flemming R. Jacobs.

Danish Maritime Days is a an open global platform on which the most important challenges and opportunities of the global maritime industry are up for discussion with the objective to take steps in the direction of finding solutions to them.

Ambitions to change the global maritime industry
More than 50 events are planned, and browsing through them the global ambitions of the event become very clear. The challenges of the amount of paper work directed at the ship owners; the challenges and opportunities in relation to climate change; the international regulatory framework of the maritime industry; maritime security challenges; and the education of the future global maritime work force are just a fraction of the subjects addressed during the days.

The flagship event of Danish Maritime Days is the Danish Maritime Forum. By invitation only, the 200 participants in the Forum are carefully selected between the top-level stakeholders of the industry.

These include industry leaders; key politicians from the most important maritime hubs of the world; as well as experts and influential opinion shapers.

The discussions of the implications of an expected doubling of world trade to be transported by sea by about 2030 will have top priority at the Danish Maritime Forum.

Inspired by other high-level summits like Davos, the Forum will ensure differentiation from previous maritime events and will seek to create a collaborative environment between regulators; key leader; experts; and other influential decision-makers.

The Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has been announced to open the Forum and the organisers have published a preliminary list of some of the participants who have been invited and accepted to come, which underlines the high ambitions of the Forum.

Please find more information on the Danish Maritime Forum here.

A unique platform
Organisations like ECSA; BIMCO; and INTERTANKO are using the opportunity to host meetings in Copenhagen as their most important stakeholders are already present.

“Danish Maritime Days and –Forum are one-of-kind opportunities for the global maritime industry to get together on a global platform and find solutions that will benefit all and hopefully create a basis for further collaboration in the years to come. Certainly, it is the people who have the power to change things who will be there,” Mr. Jacobs concludes.

Danish Maritime Days takes place in Denmark in the week of October 6-10. The Danish Maritime Forum is October 8-9.

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