Blue Futurist Will Challenge the Maritime Industry

Day two of the Danish Maritime Technology Conference will start with one of the most reputable maritime futurists. Do you dare miss it?

Insightful, entertaining and, to some even, frightening will be adjectives to describe the first half hour of the second day of the Danish Maritime Technology Conference. The world’s probably most renowned ‘blue’ futurist, Kate D. Adamson, will take the rostrum Thursday morning on 27 October 2016.

She is the CEO of the Futurenautics Group and a member of an international network of futurologists ‘The Futures Agency’. She has advised large businesses in fields such as convenience goods, pharmaceutical products, technology and not least shipping and the maritime industry, an area in which she extensively has dealt with change and connections in the global economy, technology and strategic business development.

Changes Demand a New Mind Set
In a recent interview on challenges in shipping, she speaks of dramatic changes, arising from new technology, including Big Data, which she calls a new and smart way to get answers to questions that one long has wanted to pose.

She talks about it not being the new technology in itself that will be crucial, but seeking out a new mind set by for example re-examining client needs in relation to the service hitherto delivered. According to Kate D. Adamson, in terms of shipping, it is about getting away from the thought of just moving goods from A to B and buying and selling ships. Instead, one should look at the entire value chain and rethink the way of delivering goods.

Open-minded and Cyber Security
Kate D. Adamson speaks much about being open-minded and learning from other lines of business. On challenges in attracting the right workforce in the future, she points out that it is not healthy for any line of business to be as recluse as both shipping and the maritime industry is. The young generations of today will not accept standing by the rudder for 30 years without having an actual say, she says. The ‘blue’ world needs to be able to be much more flexible in taking in employees from other lines of business and releasing them again, opposed to the present expectation that employees should remain in the maritime sector all of their lives.

Another topic close to Kate D. Adamson’s heart is cyber security. She calls it a gigantic threat to shipping which the industry adamantly needs to deal with.

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Source: Danish Maritime