The industry agrees: Danish Maritime Forum brings real change

The basis for real change in the global maritime industry has been realised with a catalogue of concrete ideas as the Danish Maritime Forum is coming to an end.

After two days of hard work; fruitful conversations; and exchanging of ideas, more than 200 of the most influential stakeholders in the global maritime industry have delivered answers to the immediate challenges approaching 2030 – the doubling in world trade being the most important of them all.

A catalogue of ideas is already starting to take shape, and within the coming year the maritime industry will be able to point to that and use it to create real change in the business; all thanks to the participants of the Danish Maritime Forum.

“With senior representation from governments, businesses and other stakeholders, the Forum has broken down the traditional silo that many industries are faced with and thus have established a unique opportunity for stronger cooperation between key maritime stakeholders that lead to real action,” Anne Steffensen, Chairman of the organiser behind the Danish Maritime Forum says.

Finding solutions together
The Forum has been able to create a collaborative environment, with group working sessions; expert presentations; panel debates; and personal reflections in intimate settings.

This has enabled participants to come up with solutions to the challenges that the global maritime industry is facing due the estimated doubling of world trade. It’s all about unleashing the full potential and increase the role and positive impact of the maritime industry on the world in the future, the stakeholders believe.

And so, it is important to ensure that first-movers are rewarded for their innovative developments rather than penalised for taking the first steps into unknown land, an important conclusion from the Forum reads.

The Danish Maritime Forum has been able to get some of the most influential stakeholders; experts; politicians; and opinion-shapers from the global maritime industry together to discuss and develop their point of views and ideas.

It’s only just begun
The Danish Maritime Forum of 2014 has resulted in a unique catalogue of ideas. In 2015 and 2016 the industry will be invited back to the Forum to elaborate further on the results and develop them even more. It’s not the end; it’s the beginning of a journey that will take the global maritime industry into a brighter future.

“We are very honoured that so many key stakeholders have contributed to making this happen. Without them the Forum would not have been possible. We look forward to welcoming everyone back on 7-8 October 2015,” Steffensen concludes.

In her closing remarks, Anne Steffensen revealed that Danish Maritime Days will include a Youth Forum in 2015 to embrace the younger generation in the shipping industry.

Danish Maritime Days is a public-private partnership between the Danish Shipowners’ Association, Danish Maritime and the Danish Maritime Authorities. It is supported by the A. P. Møller Relief Foundation, the Danish Maritime Fund, the Ministry of Business and Growth, the Lauritzen Foundation, D/S Orients Fond // D/S NORDEN, the Hempel Foundation and the Torm Foundation.