Danish Maritime Days is a non-profit public-private partnership between the Danish Maritime Authority, the Danish Shipowners’ Association and Danish Maritime. Members of the board are appointed by the three founding partners.

Members of the Board:
Anne H. Steffensen (Chairman), Danish Shipowners’ Association
Jenny N. Braat (Vice Chairman), Danish Maritime
Andreas Nordseth, Danish Maritime Authority
Rikke Wetter Olufsen, Danish Maritime Authority
Cecilie Lykkegaard, Danish Maritime
Marie Kongerslev, Danish Shipowners’ Association
Flemming R. Jacobs, Danish Maritime Days

Founding Partners:

Danish Maritime Authority
The Danish Maritime Authority is responsible for the shipping industry and its framework conditions, the ship and its crew. In addition, they are responsible for aids to navigation in the waters surrounding Denmark and ashore. The Danish Maritime Authority consists of the central authority, eight survey offices, including the office in Nuuk, Greenland, as well as the Centre of Maritime Health and Safety on the island of Fanø. The Danish Maritime Authority is a government agency under the Ministry of Business and Growth.

Danish Shipowners’ Association
The Danish Shipowners’ Association was founded in 1884 and has been a focal point for Danish shipowners ever since. The association safeguards industry interests and act as the employers’ organization for their members. Today, the association plays an active role in dealing with authorities and decision-makers, nationally and internationally. The association participates in all relevant forums and also maintains an office in Brussels.

Danish Maritime
As an industrial association, Danish Maritime is the meeting place for Danish producers of maritime equipment and ships. The association initiates cooperation between its member businesses in a variety of areas including research, development and inno­vation, and it promotes favourable conditions for the Danish maritime industry. It is a centre of knowledge, furnishing its members, public authorities and the media with the latest relevant information on the maritime sector.